Airport Parking Discount Coupons

Jacksonville Airport Parking Coupons

Address: Jacksonville International Airport 14201 Pecan Park Road, Jacksonville, FL 32218 Phone Number: (904) 741-4902


Park Space is the airport parking company that services the Jacksonville, Florida area. For your convenience, you can avail of the free shuttle service that goes to the airport after you park your car in the covered parking lot.

If you wish you can also avail of the company’s car washing and detailing services for a reasonable price. Likewise, you can use parking coupons in order to avail of further savings.


Park Space

1201 Airport Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32218
Toll Free: 1-877-754-7768


If you are in need of a place to stay and park your car, you can do both in the Holiday Inn. Stay in the hotel for one night and you get to park your car in the hotel’s parking space free for seven days.

The next morning, you can take the free shuttle service to bring you to the airport. Remember that airport parking coupons can give you more discounts on parking fees in case you are going on an extended stay abroad.


Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Jacksonville Airport
14670 Duval Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218


Jacksonville International

Jacksonville International (JAX) is one of the best airports in Florida. It services nonstop flights to and from local destinations in America each day.

While waiting for your flight there is plenty to do in the airport. You can have a good time in the Game Room or get a relaxing massage in the Comfort Zone Spa. Various parking options are available to meet your needs.


Park Space
To get to Park Space, you can take Duval Road from I-95.  This is the International airport When you’re traversing Duval Road going to the West, turn right when you reach the North Service Road.  You will find Park Space a few yards away to your right.  If you have a GPS, just enter this address:  1201 Airport Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32218