Dallas Love Field

The Dallas Love Field (DAL) is one of the biggest airports in the state of Texas. Partnering with Southwest Airlines, this airport facilitates over a hundred flights of this airline alone to various local destinations in America. Other airlines that operate here include Delta Air Lines and Express Jet.

While waiting for your boarding time you can dine in one of the many restaurants, shop in one of the many shopping outlets, of visit a museum all in this one airport.


The Parking Spot
The Parking Spot is located in Cedar Springs Road which is just about 7 minutes away from Dallas Love Field. You can get there easily by car. Head northeast from the airport on Las Palms Drive toward Rosehaven Street. Turn right at Harry Hines Blvd then take a slight right to merge on to W Mockingbird Ln. Turn left at Cedar Springs Road then watch out for the sign for The Parking Spot which you should be able to see on your right.

Holiday Inn Select
Holiday Inn Select is quite close to the airport. In fact, it’s only 6 minutes away if you’re driving. To start your way, drive along Las Palms Dr and head northeast towards Rosehaven St. Next, turn right at Harry Hines Blvd and then a slight right. Doing so will make you enter W Mockingbird Ln. From there, your destination will be on the right.